Day 2: Computer Box and the Downward Arrow


Yeh, I did it. I got rid of the hoarder fetish item, the computer box.  How did I talk myself into it? I used a technique from Buried in Treasures called “the Downward Arrow.”  Basically you or someone else helps you to explore the logic of your thinking about your possessions so you can make a mindful decision about keeping or tossing.
Here’s how I did it, with the help of my husband:
Me:  My computer is four years old, but I’m afraid to get rid of the box. What if it breaks and I need to ship it for repairs, and I have no box?
Dearly Beloved: What would happen if you had to ship it and you had no box?
Me:  Well, I could take it to the Apple Store for repairs.  But what if they needed to send it out?
DB:  Well, what would happen?
Me:  I guess they have ways of wrapping them.  Im sure it wouldnt be the first time a customer brought in a machine without a box.  Maybe they would only need to send a part.  But what if I needed to sell it? What if we had to move?
DB: You know we’re not moving.
Me: Yeh, that’s unlikely.
DB: When have you ever sold a computer?
Me:  Umm, never.
DB: What would be so bad about that, if you had to sell it without a box?
Me:  Well, I guess I could find other materials to wrap it in. I’m pretty resourceful. But it would be more desirable if it had its original box. And what if I had to ship it?
DB: What if you did?
Me:  Well, I guess I’d just have to sell it locally.  We do live in a well-populated area, so I’m sure I could find a buyer nearby.
DB:  If you ever really did need a box there are shipping places that will even do it for you.
Me: OK, I made up my mind: I’m tossing it.

Guess what?  It feels really good to not have to walk around that giant box.

Update, Sept. 16:  It’s still outside and I’m SO not tempted to take it back in.  It still feels great!