Accessioning commitment

Maybe the reason I have to start decluttering over and over again is because I’m taking on too much. Or maybe it’s because I’ve taken on too little. Or both. 

Let me explain.

Two schools of thought battle for the hearts, minds and cash of the clutter-bound. One represented by Andrew Mellen and Flylady believes decluttering must be taken on gradually but regularly. The other, best represented by Marie Kondo and businesses like 1-800-GotJunk, advocate the one-fell-swoop approach, where a single massive effort kickstarts the process. 

Both have their merits. So far neither has worked, or they sorta kinda work. 

The problem, then, is not the method, but me. Sure I had bad luck, and I’m busy, and no one helps me, and I’ve battled illness and depression and taking care of family members and having a new baby and working a bunch of jobs or working one really demanding one. But so does everyone else. Everyone has shit to deal with.  As they used to say in my Catholic girlhood, “Everyone has their cross to bear.” 

The good news is this: It will all change when I make up my mind. When I commit. When I make a plan, however simple or imperfect or provisional, and commit to it. 

God how I hate admitting those Just Do It people are right.  But they are. It doesn’t matter how you do it – bit by bit, tsunami, or both on alternate Wednesdays –as long as you do it and keep doing it.  Every day or most days or more days than not, but the point is that you do it more than you don’t. That you not wait for the perfect method, or plan, or mood, or pattern in the entrails of the chicken you sacrificed.  That you not kid yourself that a little doesn’t matter and that you’ll get the time you wasted back again. It does matter, and this is your one and only life.

No more bullshit. No more thinking you just need to find the secret. The secret is you picking up one thing and deciding what to do. And doing it again. It’s not about how you feel or what you think or about other people supporting or impeding you. It’s about you being here for yourself a little bit every day .

So: Will you be there for yourself?


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