Starting over: Day 1


I pulled this mess from behind the door to the room, where it was keeping me from opening the door completely.  It toppled over as I was photographing it, but truthfully it didn’t look much neater where it was.  I’m following the Flylady rule of not pulling out more than I can put back in the time that I have.

How this is hard: I had a week off work unexpectedly and resolved to use the time to clean out my study so I can use it to write and work.  Monday and Tuesday went by and I found myself doing other things that just seemed so important.  Some were, and some certainly were not.

Resistance is a funny thing: It’s less a refusal than a kind of numbness, all the more lethal because it’s insidious.  I didn’t wrestle with myself about decluttering – I just kinda sorta never got around to it.  No drama, but the result is the same as a slow morphine drip: bury myself in trivial tasks and sudden emergencies until the day ends.  And days can stretch into years. 

I took the bull by the horns at 10:30 last night and set a timer. 15 minutes seemed like too much:

“I’m tired,” Stuck Me whined. 

Accomplished Me knows how to handle this:  “OK, how about 10 then? 5? 1? Can you declutter for 1 minute?”

One minute was too shameful even for me, so I chose 5 and went to work, just to break the ice for today’s attempt.  I found an Apple Gift Card and cleared off a 1×1 section of desk.

“That’s one more 5-minute section than if you hadn’t done it,” Accomplished Me said.  Even Stuck Me has to admit that if I had done 5 minutes even 3x a week over the past year the room would probably be pretty clean by now. 

Another reward:  much less resistance today.  Feeling pretty good – let’s see how it goes with the pile in the photo.  But first I’m going to vacuum the floor where it was, to give myself something tangible.


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