There’s many a slip twixt the cup and the lip

Dropped the ball for a few months, but this is my week: I’m cleaning everything out of my 10 X 8 study that I don’t need.  I have an involuntary week off work and I’m using it to make a better space for me to do my work in.

So the schedule for the week:
5:30 a.m. Arise; centering prayer; make bed
6:00 Medicine, start coffee, take dog out, cats, chickens, birds
6:30 Breakfast
6:50 Write 500 OR to Mass; Dialogue
7: 40 Back from Mass, write 500, dialogue;
8:00 declutter
9:00 check email
9:30 declutter
10:15 rest
10:30 declutter
11:15 rest
11:30 declutter
12:15 rest and check emails
12:30 answer emails
1:00 lunch
1:20 declutter
2:15 Rest
2:30 declutter
3:15 rest
3:30 declutter
4:15 rest
4:30 begin dinner
6:00 answer emails
6:30 housework, blessings
6:40 rest, read, weed whateve


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